The challenge that motivated us to start ECP24 as a web-based business

ECP24: the world’s best engineering professionals working remotely for clients around the globe

What motivated us to start our business?
The idea that a surplus of highly skilled engineers in one place of the world can solve a shortage in another, really. Wanting to provide the very high quality and service level the industry desperately needs. We utilize remote working: if you’re not tied to a geographical location, you have a much wider, global choice of highly skilled, high quality engineering professionals. The whole landscape then changes, bringing amazing possibilities!

Starting this business is a risk and a challenge. We understand that the Engineering business is relatively conservative. Relatively few people in the industry have experimented yet with these new ways of working.

However, we believe now is the best time to start implementing our concept fast as new and better technology is emerging quickly at this same moment. The very quickly developing web-based systems, chat/video and collaboration tools are ready and fit for purpose. They have an undeniable, proven track record in the software industry. At the same time as these developments our clients in the industries are under constant economic pressure and the need for quality, productivity and efficiency is higher than ever. Remotely delivered, high quality engineering is an excellent solution that must be applied now.

As such we have taken the decision to head this challenge to build ECP24 Ltd (see We will push the boundaries to make remote working work and use it to deliver the superior engineering services that our clients need.

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As published on LinkedIn by Robin Cotino, Operations Manager, ECP24 

They have had 100 years to get it right – Now it’s our turn – How We Are Different – Engineering’s new home.

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We are different!! Our management team brings together many years of experience in building and working in successful engineering businesses. We are seeking to connect with clients who have high quality, small or large packages of work. We do of course understand the difficulties facing industry that are in many cases outside their control and can empathise with the engineers, designers and drafters and their plight. But it is a fact that the old dinosaur thinking and antiquated company structures are holding back the huge restructuring that is required. We are Engineers and proud of our industry, we speak to many people in the industry in their own language on their own terms. We are Engineers!!!

Pre registration assessments and verification. We are limiting membership to those who match our high standards and aims because we want our company to be the best in the industry. Our clients deserve nothing less.

Our vision for this company is clearly stated on our website:

We aim to connect the world’s best engineering professionals with innovative clients seeking to help create a more modern, dynamic, and efficient engineering market. 

We are different!! The old ways are broken and are just not working for the majority of the engineers and companies who are struggling with the realities of low prices etc. Many companies are riddled with out of date standards and operational practices that may as well have been written in the 19th century (many actually were I fear). Productivity is woefully low in many companies. Time wastage is rife and in addition the time taken up with endless and in many cases pointless meetings doesn’t help.

We are different!! That is not the way that we work. We offer a modern, streamlined and on-line service 24 hours a day. We use benchmark communication and productivity enhancing tools.

We are different!! We have people on the ground in the USA, Australia, UK and Europe. Internet businesses where everything is played safe but the real industry wide problems are not solved is not our style. We call a spade a spade and throw it out if it has outgrown it’s usefulness!!

Join us in ECP24 – Engineering’s new home.

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Alan White – CEO – ECP24 Ltd. contact:


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The global engineering industry is struggling to manage many issues that have come along over the years.

  • Low prices for many of the products that the industry produces are of course a huge problem. Prices will recover of course but the industry is also stuck in many ways in a 19th century mindset and cannot see the way forwards, we have the solution to that problem.
  • Massive levels of very low productivity, static or even non-existent management thinking around this one issue alone and the extreme difficulty as well of abandoning last century attitudes and the “nine to five and jobs for life” mentality.
  • The industry tried the offshore office route with it’s promises of cheap labour and low costs. For many reasons that didn’t work either did it?
  • But now there is a new progressive and streamlined way to work and we are the first to offer this revolutionary redesigned engineering management system globally to our valued clients. IT IS CALLED – INVENTING THE FUTURE.
  • We are creating the first fully functioning and expertly managed virtual office. We are located everywhere 24 hours a day. Using the very latest digital tools you can communicate with us at any hour of the day or night.
  • Our engineers, designers and drafters etc. are very carefully selected and fully pre-assessed by us. We know that they are the best because we selected them according to very strict criteria. They are managed on a daily basis by us and they have the ability to be in constant communication with us 24 hours a day.
  • Want to know more?

Alan White CEO – ECP24 Ltd. contact:

Looking For Designers and Drafters!!!

Published on LinkedIn on March 24, 2017 by Alan White

Yes, for upcoming work we are looking for exceptional people to register on our website:

Our company is exclusively targeting the very highest levels of Engineering Professionals. We are connecting the world’s best engineering professionals with innovative clients seeking to help create a more pro-active, dynamic and modern engineering market. Our focus in everything we do is QUALITY. Join us to be at the forefront of that change: combining engineering excellence with the flexibility and dynamism of the online Gig economy.

We need Engineers, Designers, Drafters etc. with experience of Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Refinery, Power Generation, Nuclear, FPSO, etc. etc. in the following disciplines:


Please recognize that we have very high requirements: Because we are a highly innovative company we only want the best people who can demonstrate the highest quality and professionalism. Our clients ask for and deserve the very best. The online Gig economy is dependant on self driven and motivated people who are self starters who can work reliably and consistently without close supervision. The online Gig economy requires a high level of self discipline.

– Our company ethos and methodology is based on our in-house connected company community where you can communicate with our staff 24 hours a day using the most up to date tools. We will conduct online video interviews/assessments and will approve those who match our very high standards and aims. You must have the ability to read, write and speak fluent English.

Alan White – CEO