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The global engineering industry is struggling to manage many issues that have come along over the years.

  • Low prices for many of the products that the industry produces are of course a huge problem. Prices will recover of course but the industry is also stuck in many ways in a 19th century mindset and cannot see the way forwards, we have the solution to that problem.
  • Massive levels of very low productivity, static or even non-existent management thinking around this one issue alone and the extreme difficulty as well of abandoning last century attitudes and the “nine to five and jobs for life” mentality.
  • The industry tried the offshore office route with it’s promises of cheap labour and low costs. For many reasons that didn’t work either did it?
  • But now there is a new progressive and streamlined way to work and we are the first to offer this revolutionary redesigned engineering management system globally to our valued clients. IT IS CALLED – INVENTING THE FUTURE.
  • We are creating the first fully functioning and expertly managed virtual office. We are located everywhere 24 hours a day. Using the very latest digital tools you can communicate with us at any hour of the day or night.
  • Our engineers, designers and drafters etc. are very carefully selected and fully pre-assessed by us. We know that they are the best because we selected them according to very strict criteria. They are managed on a daily basis by us and they have the ability to be in constant communication with us 24 hours a day.
  • Want to know more? www.ecp24.online

Alan White CEO – ECP24 Ltd. contact: ceo@ecp24.online

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