Blockchain related Projects – Positions available

We as a company are involved in several pure Blockchain and related projects. If anyone has ambition to become involved in this area with us then you should contact us.

Our specific current requirements are as follows:

1) Chief Technical Officer (senior) with Blockchain experience (CTO).

2) Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

3) People with TGE launch experience and expertise.

If you or anyone in your networks would like to speak with us about these opportunities then please contact:

Thank you,

Alan White – CEO – ECP24 Ltd.

Interested in Blockchain?

ECP24 – Engineering as it was meant to be.

We are specifically targeting AUSTRALIA today.

Interested in Blockchain? Let us introduce your company to this technology.

Interested in developing Blockchain Use-Cases?

These technologies are now at the forefront of our business. They are rapidly coming to the forefront of many other businesses too. Is your business ready for Blockchain? Don’t delay, become one of the first.

Interested in discovering more with us?

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Blockchain, Built By Engineers, For Engineers

We know that many companies around the world are interested in finding ways of gaining easy access into the blockchain environment. You may also be thinking of creating your own cryptocurrency. Well, we have done the hard work. All we ask from you is your idea of a use case that would suit your aims and how you see the use of a blockchain adding to your services.

We have recently been approached by several companies and organisations who have taken this step to work with us. ECP24 ( in conjunction with our partners at IEBC ( will be launching our customized blockchain this month and our cryptocurrency ICO in the summer. Remember, our blockchain is designed for use in the following fields:

1. ENGTECH For everything engineering, design, construction, suppliers etc.

2. FINTECH for everything concerned within the world of finance.

3. INSURTECH for everything that concerns the insurance and asset protection industry.

Please contact us for a confidential discussion:

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Want to enter the Block chain environment but don’t know where to begin?

Is your company management enthusiastic about entering the Block chain environment but don’t know where to begin? You are in luck – We have the answers. ECP24 has formally joined forces with IEBC – the INTEGRATED ENGINEERING BLOCKCHAIN CONSORTIUM ( and we are here to help companies who want to become the first to use our Blockchain at startup. We will be launching our MVP in April and are aiming to launch our associated ICO in the summer. BLOCKCHAIN – developed by Engineers for Engineers. Contact us now: Alan White – CEO –