Blockchain is coming to the Engineering Industry

I have mentioned the coming of the Blockchain to the engineering industry and the truly transforming effects that it will have. For us at and it is all consuming. If anyone wants to open discussions and submit ideas about where the Blockchain could truly innovate the industry then please let us know by commenting here. We need our community to work with us in these developments. BLOCKCHAIN, built by engineers for engineers

Offices are changing — again.

While typing pools of the mid 20th century were eventually replaced by cubicles to create more privacy, the open office made a return in the 1990s and onward, being considered more apt to the collaboration needed for creative work environments.

And yet, open offices has left some longing for the days of privacy and peace and quiet. Now, as The New York Times recently noted, the trend is toward a ‘palette of spaces’ to accommodate the various ways people like to work, whether at a long desk in the open or in a quiet, enclosed space or even at a standing desk next to colleagues.

The Wall Street Journal also points out that shared and communal areas are growing within offices — a move that tries to counter the isolating effects of intensely computer-based work.

That’s just the start, says Eivind Karlsen, Head of Design at co-working giant Industrious*. Karlsen sees the future of offices as akin to set design: ever-changing, modular configurations, and immersive environments focused on employee happiness and retention. There may even be a bigger focus on light and sound, a neglected aspect of even the most forward-thinking offices.

Not to mention, coworking spaces are growing exponentially and even big companies are taking advantage of the flexibility and geographic convenience they offer.

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You Have a Project That Needs To Be Managed and Engineered.

Do you once again try the subcontractors that you tried in the past? Or did you decide then that next time you will look for Innovation, Quality and Honesty, a company with extensive experience of providing services in Europe, United States, Australia and S.E Asia that really works with you so that you both achieve the best outcomes? We work with you in an “open book” partnership. Every project is different, every client is different and we thrive on difference. If your project is small to medium in size and is based on Oil&Gas, Resources (Mining), Renewables, Clean Tech, Power Generation etc. then we would love to speak with you. We promise that we don’t offer the slick answers up front but after spending time in fully understanding your project, the funding model, the location and the environment we will give you a fully detailed report explaining in detail what we can offer you.


Alan White – CEO

ECP24 Ltd

Fantastic News for Australia!

China Sets New Records for Gobbling Up the World’s Commodities

In another very positive news item for Australian resource companies this news from Bloomburg is indeed very good for the Australian resources sector. , After a quiet period of consolidation, Australia is ramping up it’s resources industry and heading for record production in some areas of this crucial industry. We have seen new investment announcements in new mines, new production facilities as well as debottlenecking of existing facilities.

This is also great news for ECP24 with our focus on the Australian market and our on the ground representation in the country. If you are involved in any way in the resources industry in Australia then please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss how ECP24 can assist your company and as well the ECP24 collaboration and cooperation initiatives available.

Alan White CEO – ECP24 Ltd

The QUANT – Free offer – Register and Receive a FREE Amount of Digital Tokens of the IEBC Engineering Blockchain

ECP24 has been invited to join IEBC to raise awareness of the new digital token called the QUANT. This token is managed by IEBC (Integrated Engineering Blockchain Consortium) based in Seattle. Because of our dedication to bring innovation and many other urgently needed improvements to the global engineering supply chain, ECP24 is now a member of the industry panel of IEBC.

It is the aim of IEBC and ECP24 that this digital token, operating in the IEBC blockchain, will become accepted in the engineering industry and bring revolutionary structural and compliance improvements to the industry. The overall aim is that it will be much more than just a coin or currency as it will have great functional value using advanced blockchain technology. We have been selected to participate in a trial for distribution and use of a quantity of these tokens. We are joining the IEBC trial to make the engineering profession aware of this digital token and to distribute the token to individual engineers as well as engineering companies. Therefore we can give a quantity of the Quant tokens to you now completely free.

Aside from setting up your digital wallet and receiving this quantity of Quant from ECP24, there are no further strings or obligations attached. We can make this offer to engineers who are fully registered on our website and have passed our assessment requirements.

We also make this offer to potential clients who are interested in using our Engineering Services. As an engineering company (client) we ask that you also must be registered as a client on our website. We will also ask permission to display your company logo on our website. This initiative has only one aim: to publicize the Quant and associated blockchain and to get the Quant out into the real world ready for use as it is taken up by the engineering industry.

This is a free gift with no obligations from either side.

The Quants are completely free for you to use as you see fit and eventually trade with as you decide. You owe us nothing and can keep them or do nothing with them; you decide. We do not want them back. However, we will ask for comments and feedback from time to time (all comments both positive and negative are welcome) and the findings will be published as a white paper by IEBC. Of course your privacy will not be breached and no participant’s personal or company details will ever be divulged as part of this effort.

There is planned to be a full ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in the medium term. Prior to that, on 4/12/17 there will be a “Future of Money and Technology” Summit in Silicon Valley in which IEBC will discuss this initiative and also launch a pre-sale (not an ICO) of the QUANT. Potential investors and interested parties of the QUANT may then participate during the pre-sale period. To receive your free allocation of Quant you will need to download a digital wallet. Instructions on how to do this can be found on this website:

When you have done this you then notify with your account details and your no-obligation gift of Quant will be placed in your wallet.

As more information becomes available we would be pleased to update you by email or Skype or on our regular Google Hangouts sessions. We will also make frequent posts here to keep you up to date of the progress of this very exciting development for the engineering industry. If you would like to discuss this in more detail then we are very pleased to do that too, please contact us (messaging, phone or email

Alan White – CEO – ECP24 Ltd.

As published on LinkedIn by Alan White, CEO, ECP24

The Negativity And Self Pity Out There Is Certainly Tiring Me Out!!!

So many posts on LinkedIn at the moment are coming from people wailing and complaining that they are experiencing burnout. What a load of rubbish, what is burnout? Is it like the RSI thing that came and went in the 90’s because even though it seemed that half the world suffered from it, it still became boring. So is BURNOUT the new RSI? Is it guilt? Is it envy? Is it the “heads in the sand” brigade? Is it a cry for sympathy? Good luck with that one.

Yes you may be in a boring dead end job, but who’s fault is that?

Yes you may have to actually work more than a few hours a day because your productivity is so low, and you had no ambition when you left school, who’s fault is that?

Even the boss of BHP is complaining about tiredness and how he has to rest now and then. I would have thought that the multi millions in salary and other benefits would compensate for that so yes, who’s fault is it that you of all people have to do such a tiresome job?

People are pleading for more “quality time” Have they any idea of what they would do with it if they had it? More time to write pathetic articles about how they have been victimised and lost any ambition because of it?

Work is a pleasure: to me anyway. Work to me is life, I enjoy every moment of it. So, to all these whingers and complainers, step aside and give your awful jobs to people who may appreciate them. In the meantime watch out behind because the tsunami of change is almost on you. You won’t have to worry about your burnout then!!

Alan White CEO – ECP24 Ltd

As published on LinkedIn by Alan White, CEO, ECP24

Go Ahead Media Organiser Wanted!!!

Are you interested in joining an innovative start up specialising in the engineering industry? We are looking for a person who would grasp the opportunity to take control of the technical aspects of our media operations, specifically our planned regular Podcasts, Short promotional videos and Google Hangouts sessions as well as our presence on the common social media sites. Our company is growing rapidly and we would see this as an interesting stepping stone for a person currently studying or recently graduated in this field to gain valuable experience. This not a paid position at the moment although we are offering valuable incentives and this could eventually become a full time paid position for the right applicant. Our business model is heavily dependent on remote communication tools. We anticipate that this work initially would require 10-15 hours per week. Must have a professional knowledge of the English language both written and oral. It would also be a major advantage to be located in the UK, Holland or Belgium. We will elaborate when we receive your expression of interest.

ECP24 is an online, London based 24-hour engineering service available to engineering project owners and operators all around the globe who require the services of highly experienced, highly skilled engineers. Our concept is facilitated by proven collaboration tools available to both engineers and clients working through our portal. The owners of the company bring extensive experience of establishing, developing and operating international engineering supply services.

Please contact us for more information:

Alan White CEO


As published on LinkedIn by Alan White, CEO, ECP24

Let’s Have A Discussion About The Engineering Situation In Australia

I made a post a few weeks ago about the fact that there may or may not be a skills shortage in Australia. I just asked the question and I clearly said that I didn’t know the answer. The response was excellent and generated quite a discussion, I had a few interesting “head in the sand” comments but many said that there wasn’t a shortage as was being described in many Aussie publications and that the rumour was being propagated by unscrupulous recruitment companies. I take the point but I am still not sure. I of course still have many contacts in Perth and I still get the impression that times are hard generally in the industry. The discussion also moved on to many other issues such as 457 visas, and the usual suspects of evil employers and recruiters etc.

I would now like to ask some more questions:

What in your opinion are the main problems holding back the lack of consulting and design work in the Oil and Gas industry, even in the good times in Australia? Is the high end engineering skills pool just far too small and diversified? Or was it and is it still now just plain old greed and incompetence or just poor management? Yes I would say that the majority of the recent iron ore projects have been done locally but these projects hardly represent the cutting edge of engineering design or innovation and the fact that many of “the miners” consider themselves experienced enough to work on the major O&G jobs in my mind confirms the problem.

I worked in Perth for 32 years from the beginning of the 80’s and in that time I successfully established and ran my own small Oil & Gas consulting and design office for many years and watched on as many of the large multi $ billion O&G projects (on & offshore) were engineered overseas. We as a company thrived on the estimating work, preparation of tenders and detailing work that came from these projects, because usually the EPCM’s would never supply the detail engineering and this part of the work would become the responsibility of the local fabricators and constructors and so thousands and thousands of Isometrics, spool drawings, pipe supports etc became our bread and butter and we made a great living and built a very good business out of this work.

But many of the designers and engineers in Perth were whining and complaining for years that much of the front end design work could and should be done in Perth. They blamed the governments both local and federal and said that “SOMETHING SHOULD BE DONE”. The simple fact is that in many cases this work couldn’t be done in Perth. The reasons were many, the small pool of experienced O&G designers was getting older and slower and many were not experienced in the more advanced 3D packages that were coming to dominate the industry, rates were far too high for the limited skill levels that were available and productivity was awful, yes, I know that we loved the high rates but if a company such as Woodside could get better quality work done overseas by far more experienced engineers and designer teams who had been doing this work consistently for many years then why wouldn’t they and why should the government insist that the work should be done locally? Of course the few young guys coming into the industry had very little experience because of the lack of a consistent supply of high quality work so that in effect it became a self perpetuating problem. We did take the effort to train some very clever young guys and they have now in several cases become managers and engineers themselves.

I know that what I am saying will encourage many of the old dinosaurs out of the woodwork telling me that very high rates and awful levels of productivity don’t matter, that it was their right to do these projects in Perth that were being taken away. But these things do matter and the proof was that very few major O&G projects ever came to Perth after the early 80’s. Nobody has the god given right (including the diabolical unions once the project got to site) to fleece what in some cases were economically marginal projects anyway. So the result was that Perth was left with small packages of design work, a few skids and modules and a couple of unmanned wellhead platforms here and there and some detailing work as mentioned above and the whinging continued. Small companies such as us prospered very well from doing this “boring” detailing work because we were efficient and conducted our businesses by paying sensible rates and employing a small team of people who could consistently produce the goods while all the while performing at very high levels of productivity. The larger consultants were in no position to compete with us and so for many years we had a dream run. But I would say we survived and prospered primarily because we didn’t ever set out to fleece our clients for every $ or to load up the variations. We appreciated any work that we could pick up and found that with the right attitude we were able to get steady work from many clients for many years. The engineering market in Perth suffered severe downturns in the mid 80’s and again in the mid 90’s and we recognized that as a company we could only survive the downturns by helping clients with the small jobs that were still coming through. We slashed our charge out rates and kept our invoices as low as possible until the work picked up again. These clients (usually small to medium sized fabricators) depended on us not just to produce good, timely solid and accurate work but to work with them as a team to ensure that we all earned our fair share of the proceeds.

ECP24 brings the same commitment and fairness to the table now just as we did 35 years ago. Yes, the times and methods have changed but good old fashioned cooperation, productivity and commitment to work with our clients as equal partners in a team are still at the forefront of our business. Above all we are now 100% committed to INNOVATION, it is this commitment that ensures that even more now helps to bring the clients back to us. Quality, fairness and honesty in our dealings is always our aim.

Am I right? Let’s have a civilized discussion please.

Alan White – CEO – ECP24 Ltd.

As published on LinkedIn by Alan White, CEO, ECP24