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As published on LinkedIn by Alan White, CEO, ECP24


A personal story on life, locations and the engineering environment that has influenced the character of ECP24

Where are we?
The story so far,
What have we learnt?
What are we doing differently?
Has it worked?


Well, much further on than when we began that’s for sure. I had the idea for what would become this amazing engineering start-up back in January 2016. It came to me in a flash, I was intending to create a new company based on the only industry that I had worked in for more than 5 decades. But at that moment I clearly saw that this new business would have to be very much different to what had gone before. Business processes and attitudes had changed to such an extent that I realised that to be successful I had to quickly educate myself as to how the market had changed and how I needed to change to the new reality. Enter a like minded colleague as a business partner and off we went.


I was born in London in 1945, went to a secondary modern school and received what I consider to be an excellent grounding in the basic’s and that was it. I never did any more formal study. I left school at 14 a few weeks before my 15th birthday and started my working life in a factory in South London. 3 years later I had worked my way up to the drawing office and never looked back. At 21 I went to Boston (US) for 2 years as a draftsman, at 24 I was working on small package detail designs for British nuclear submarines in London and at Faslane in Scotland. At 28 I moved to Chicago for 3 years, At 30 I was working at the Southwest Research Laboratory in San Antonio, Texas experimenting with the physics of pulsation dampening as applied to reciprocating compressors. At 31 I was working as a design engineer on an oil refinery in Sines, Portugal. Then on to Oslo in 1978 to work in the North Sea offshore oil industry as a piping designer. Another move came in 1981 when I emigrated to Perth to work in the burgeoning oil, gas and resources industry in Australia. In 1984 I had opened my own engineering consultancy in Perth which took me many times offshore and around various sites and offices in Australia and locations in India, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos and China. Then back in Europe in 2012 I took a few jobs in London (with side trips to China) and then worked in the Netherlands after which in 2015 we moved to the beautiful Belgian countryside. But, that was no reason to retire of course. With a good Internet connection I could carry on doing what I loved – working.


An unbelievable amount actually. Even though I had led a very entrepreneurial business life, the advances and experiences that I have been exposed to in the last 18 months have been on another level and simply amazing but so exciting. We made some great connections and further expanded our side network. We set out to be conscious of the need to firstly be innovative and secondly and probably most importantly to offer a very different business experience to both our engineers and our clients. We saw that the engineering business is fragmented, mired in old worn out practices and ready for a breath of fresh air that encouraged us to, in a way, simplify but also introduce some long needed efficiency into the industry. But one of the most important things that we have grasped is that we can only succeed if clever, committed and clear thinking like minded people are encouraged to work with us.


This is where the relevance of the “story so far” comes to the fore, There are many things that I have learned over the past 50 years, every job and project is different whether in location, culture, client etc. I have worked with some very accomplished designers such as a guy who I worked closely with in Chicago. He would have been 60+ and I watched closely how over a 3 week period using only a pencil that he sharpened every 10 minutes or so laid out in incredible detail on a blank sheet of paper a fully notated Catalytic Polymerization Unit and a Butadiene Hydrogenation Unit. He saw that I was very interested in what he was doing and subsequently spent every lunch break explaining to me in incredible detail his thought processes in achieving the finished layout. This was invaluable information for me and I still to this day have the notes that I made at that time. I copied his drafting style and made it my own. I have enjoyed some incredible sunrises and sunsets from offshore platforms and spectacular landscapes in N.W. and central Australia as well as within the Arctic circle in Northern Finland. So the engineering industry has given me a wonderful career and an amazing insight into our world. We want to inspire young engineers in a similar way when they work with us. The opportunities as well as the locations are endless.

We envision a more open, communicative, direct and positive engagement with our engineers and our clients. The old cut throat competitiveness usually ended with very poor outcomes for both sides. Generally no one wins in that situation of blood on the floor and the “see you in court attitude”. That is not the way that we operate. We have a collaborative and open partnership with all of our clients. We have the opportunity of starting with a clean canvas and that is essential to what we believe will be the key to the future of engineering generally and of course to our long term success. We also recognize that we are entering the industry just as it is caught in the middle of the collapsed resource prices, a very active ongoing process of mergers and acquisitions where many companies are trying to position themselves for survival and last but not least the great transition from the high carbon emissions industries to the new renewable and clean tech environments that are increasingly coming to the fore. Many companies are struggling with these issues and also recognize that they have to react and adapt faster to the new way of doing things. We can help.


For us, yes. It is early days of course and we have had to rethink who we are as well as basically all of our systems as we have developed and launched into this new business environment. In upcoming posts I will elaborate more on specific challenges as well as the highlights and some of the amazing people that I have had the good fortune to meet and have formed valuable friendships with.

We are looking for clients who are tired of the old ways of working and want to experience a new innovative collaborative engagement. Is that you? Talk to us and let us find out how we can help.

Tell us of your experiences in the industry. What changes would you like to see?

Alan White – CEO



As published on LinkedIn by Alan White, CEO, ECP24

New possibilities for Engineers to transition to Clean-Tech industry- Part 2 of 2- Energy transition to Clean-Tech

(For Part 1, please see our article issued earlier this week)

So, the oil price is low, now what? If the International Oil Companies are not spending as much money on new oil & gas projects, what are they investing in?

The “Energy Transition” is the new buzz word that is being thrown around by the International Oil Companies (IOCs). An energy transition is generally categorised as a long-term structural change in energy systems. The previous energy transitions were from wood to coal, from coal to oil, natural gas and nuclear and now from oil and gas to renewables.

As the investment in oil and gas projects declines, investment in alternative energy, including clean-tech is on the raise. In 2014, the Guardian reported that the global Clean-tech market experienced a 16% increase in investment to $310bn. So, what is Clean-tech (or Clean technology)? Wikipedia definition states that:

“Clean technology refers to any process or product, or service that reduces negative environmental impacts through significant energy efficiency improvements, the sustainable use of resources, or environmental protection activities”

What will be the catalyst that will cause the Clean-tech revolution to advance? If we use history as an example of the future, the USA shale oil revolution was ignited due to the advances in technology that lead to the reduction in production costs.

The chart below shows that wind, solar and biomass are the cheapest technology to produce within the Clean-tech cartel. The costs of wind and solar energy have decreased dramatically over the last five years, while in certain markets clean-tech energy generation is cheaper than that of coal/natural gas. The World Economic Forum (WEF) reported that in more than 30 countries solar and wind is now the same price as or cheaper than new fossil fuel capacity.

In 2015, at the United Nations meeting held in Paris, 194 countries including the EU and China signed pledges on the environment, with the ultimate purpose to strengthen the global response to climate change by lowering emissions.

With the continuing decline in solar PV and wind energy production costs together with the political focus on climate change, clean-tech energy is here for the long haul. The chart below demonstrates growth investment in clean-tech, with Solar and wind leading the pack.

Career Flexibility = ECP24

As global companies transition to become “nimble” and “flexible” in terms of their investment focus areas, engineers need to ensure their skills sets follow the same transition. The IOCs that historically considered themselves Oil & Gas companies are now re-branding themselves as Energy companies to hedge against continual low oil prices. Therefore, the historically “fossil fuel skilled” engineers also needs to ensure that their skills are robust in this new energy transition environment. As “energy engineers” they also need to ensure they have a diverse set of competencies to ensure survival.

ECP24 Ltd. is a network that engages with the world’s top engineers, to deliver top-tier engineering service to the industry. The clean-tech industry has four major elements to its value chain; equipment manufacture, project development, construction and installation and operations and maintenance. The skills required within these elements are transferrable from the fossil fuel industry.

Within the current dynamic energy industry, ECP24 provides the opportunity for an engineer to obtain experience in both oil & gas but also Clean-tech energy, ensuring that the skills are fit for the future. In this rapidly changing energy market, flexibility is king, both for the employer and the engineer.

For more info, sign up on: www.ecp24.online/professional-sign-up/

Visit: www.ecp24.online.

Author / Contributor: Taiwo Oyewole

Alan White CEO

ECP24 Ltd. – Engineering’s new home


New possibilities for Engineers to transition to Clean-Tech industry- Part 1 of 2- How did we get here?

Current landscape – Oil Price Drop

I remember the days when the world worried about peak oil production. It’s fair to state that those worries have been replaced with fears of a glut in oil production. Oh, how things have changed. Since 2014 the oil price has continued a downward trajectory, which has propelled the industry into conditions it has not experienced for decades. So how did we get here?

Oil is a commodity so its value is controlled by supply and demand fundamentals. On the supply side, incentivised by the high oil prices, the USA nearly doubled its domestic production. The increase in production was due to the sharp rise of shale oil production, as new fracking technology unlocked oil that was originally out of reach.

Production also returned from Iraq, Libya and Iran due to a slowdown of the middle east uprising and the lifting of the Iran international oil sanctions. The increase in supply of oil would have been great if oil demand had also followed the same trajectory. But it didn’t.

Due to the slowdown of its economy, China’s implied oil demand growth eased to 2.5% in 2016, down from 3.1% in 2015 and 3.8% in 2014. Usually, in situations where oil production is greater than demand, OPEC set quotas to reduce production amongst its members, thus providing support to oil prices. However, this did not occur. In November 2014, OPEC did not agree to the reduction in the oil production. Saudi Arabia, the biggest producer in OPEC, decided that maintaining market share was more important than ensuring high oil price. Inevitably, what goes up most come down, as such the oil price plummeted leading to large numbers of oil & gas related companies filing for bankruptcy and an increasing number of job cuts. This is not first time Saudi Arabia has used oil production as a weapon. In a low oil price environment, Saudi Arabia expected the USA shale revolution to cease, global production to rebalance with demand and the oil price to resettle back to its normal highs. Everybody is happy. Unfortunately, what occurred was the shale revolution continued to progress, although at a slower pace and oil production continued to rise, with supply outpacing demand as illustrated by the chart below.

The FT reported that $400bn worth of oil and gas projects was shelved by the International Oil Companies (IOCs) globally due to the reduced oil price. With the cancellation in projects, thousands of jobs were cut. Rigzone reported that as of February 2017, more than 440,000 jobs were cut within the oil and gas market. Approx. 30% of these jobs cut were within the drilling and Exploration & Production sectors.

The “new normal” of a low oil price, is a major threat to the survival of the IOCs. Compounded with the current acceleration in the reduction of renewable energy production costs, has forced the IOCs to diversify into alternative energy sources.

Later this week, we will post part 2 of this article: New possibilities for Engineers to transition to Clean-Tech industry- part 2 of 2- Energy transition to Clean-Tech.

Author / Contributor: Taiwo Oyewole

Alan White CEO

ECP24 Ltd. – Engineering’s new home



We’re taking on Cleantech! ECP24 is looking for Solar PV Systems Engineers!

ECP24 is Looking for a Solar PV Systems Engineer with min. 15 years experience, must be qualified to provide the engineering, design and construction of a 100-200kW off-grid solar pv system for a rural, isolated village. Must also be qualified in engineering and construction of the connected low and middle voltage power distribution system for the village. Duration of project: 10 months.

Also looking for any Solar PV Systems Engineers to sign up with us for coming/ future projects.

Interested? Please e-mail us at info@ecp24.online or send a private message on LinkedIn.

Alan White – CEO



As published on LinkedIn by Alan White, CEO, ECP24

Embrace The Future – POSITIVITY in ENGINEERING. The ECP24 Way!!














Contact – Alan White – CEO – ceo@ecp24.online – www.ecp24.online

ECP24: Fully Prepared for the Journey

Below is an overview of just some of the readily available tools that give any individual the IT capability of a mega-corporation and put the power back into the hands of engineers themselves.

Office 365 and Google Docs:

Microsoft and Google both offer cloud based subscription services for their suite of productivity tools. Google Docs is free and is increasingly eating into Microsoft’s market share due to its popularity amongst the startup community and its superior web-integration. At ECP24 our clients are free to specify their preference.


Dropbox allows for file sharing all over the world. They use financial level encryption and their business services are routinely backed with 24/7 customer support. Dropbox is just as good as any internal IT storage solution.


Software engineers don’t use document controllers, instead they invented Git: a decentralised collaborative code and documentation management system with full diffing, rollback and version control.

While it requires some training, it allows for software mega-projects, like the Linux Kernel to be delivered remotely with potentially thousands of individual contributors all over the world. As of the time of writing the Linux Kernel project has successfully integrated over 663,000 individual contributions to the codebase and 506 version releases. Engineering is only just waking up to the power of Git. At ECP24 we think it could be game-changing.


Video calls on demand with anyone from anywhere for free.


A mainstay of the software community, Slack is a versatile and easy to use text communication system that nicely bridges the gap between Skype and email. Slack is where your team members and ECP24 support will be on hand 24/7 to ensure that your experience runs as smoothly as possible. Whether you need to resolve a technical issue or just chew over a problem you’re stuck on we believe that happy engineers are engineers that deliver outstanding results.


Working entirely remotely won’t be suitable for all jobs in all cases. We understand this. Sharedesk and similar services allow teams to book office space together for all or part of a job. This way our teams can be on location anywhere in the world without our clients incurring additional overhead costs.

Affordable Desktop Publishing:

The cost of high quality home printing has reduced to an almost negligible level. This is far superior to waiting for 45 minutes beside a communal printer while the Process Lead is printing off seven operating procedures alongside the plant P&IDs and then trying to find your umpteenth card pass and remember your pin code and then probably forgetting it.

Work on your own terms with your own equipment:

In your home office you can use whatever equipment suits your requirements best. You can buy a nice office chair without inciting the envy of your colleagues. Prefer Apple to Microsoft? No problem! And the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil offers more opportunity than ever to make the paperless office a reality.

At ECP24 we are ferociously passionate about one thing only: delivery. The rest is completely up to you and your team. At ECP24 we don’t cut down the tall poppies, we will water them and encourage them to grow. Human creativity is a garden to be cultivated, not a beast of burden to be whipped and beaten. Deliver for us and we will work night and day to bring the best possible jobs right to your doorstep. We know you have all the tools necessary to turn engineering into a dream job again. Join us to shape this new phase in the evolution of the engineering profession.

As published on LinkedIn 


We all have some fears and worries, that is normal. How we react to those fears is what separates the negative thinkers from the positive thinkers. At different times of our lives we worry endlessly about money, work, mortgages, children, relationships etc. etc. But worry is never the answer to any of the problems that life throws at us. If we can acknowledge our fear and tell ourselves that we are bigger than that and that we are going to turn this fear into positivity and creative energy then of course we have turned the problem from a negative into a positive. I remember working in several very large engineering design offices in London many years ago where most of the chatter concerned worries, not earning enough, losing the expected overtime, even losing our jobs (we were contract) and having to put up with long commutes etc. Then at 6:30 p.m. we trudged to the train station for the long (usually damp) commute home and at 6:30 the next morning we trudged out of the door to do it all again and again and again. Do you identify with that? Unfortunately that is how most people live even today in the engineering world and many other jobs of course and many desperately try to impose their fears on all the others around them as if the idea that everyone is in the same boat is somehow comforting!! Any sign that someone may be trying to escape from that miserable and fearful state into the world of freedom and happiness is immediately slapped down and criticized. They don’t see or they have never experienced that living without fear can be so uplifting and joyful. These are the people that you work(ed) with on a daily basis in those boring and soulless offices with those grumpy, miserable and depressing people.

Now we find that because of circumstances beyond our control many are really experiencing that fear and its harsh realities and they are again worrying with no idea of how to resolve the situation. If you are experiencing that reality then you should grasp the amazing opportunities which mean that many of your fears about finding work are not nearly as frightening as you once imagined. We offer you the chance to live a better and freer lifestyle with far more control over how and when you work (thanks to the unstoppable, unimaginable advances in the present high tech environment).

When I started out all those years ago, I grasped the opportunities which were available to me then; I moved overseas as a 21 year old to Boston, then on to Chicago, Louisiana, Portugal, Oslo, Perth, India, Bangkok, Malaysia, China and Holland. The world was my oyster; I lived a charmed life in engineering. I am now living in Belgium, still working, from home now of course (I love it) while enjoying a tranquil and beautiful country lifestyle.

The final aspect to consider: If you live in Aberdeen (or anywhere else in the world for that matter) and a lot of work pops up in Australia then in the past you could only watch and dream. NOT ANY MORE!! 

Fast forward; the world can be your oyster without ever having to move, trying to speak a different language, having to get used to different cultures and having to deal with the dreaded Red Tape, the end of which never seems to be in sight.

Join us and experience the ECP24 way, THE NEW WAY!!. You are all now just a few clicks away from being connected to some truly amazing technology which really does release you from the old mind-numbing drudgery. DO IT!!

The message is – LIVE WITHOUT FEAR!!!   Join ECP24 now and experience the new way of working.

Come home to ENGINEERING’S NEW HOME.    

Want to know more? www.ecp24.online

Alan White – CEO – ECP24 Ltd. contact: ceo@ecp24.online

As published on LinkedIn by Alan White, CEO, ECP24

The challenge that motivated us to start ECP24 as a web-based business

ECP24: the world’s best engineering professionals working remotely for clients around the globe

What motivated us to start our business?
The idea that a surplus of highly skilled engineers in one place of the world can solve a shortage in another, really. Wanting to provide the very high quality and service level the industry desperately needs. We utilize remote working: if you’re not tied to a geographical location, you have a much wider, global choice of highly skilled, high quality engineering professionals. The whole landscape then changes, bringing amazing possibilities!

Starting this business is a risk and a challenge. We understand that the Engineering business is relatively conservative. Relatively few people in the industry have experimented yet with these new ways of working.

However, we believe now is the best time to start implementing our concept fast as new and better technology is emerging quickly at this same moment. The very quickly developing web-based systems, chat/video and collaboration tools are ready and fit for purpose. They have an undeniable, proven track record in the software industry. At the same time as these developments our clients in the industries are under constant economic pressure and the need for quality, productivity and efficiency is higher than ever. Remotely delivered, high quality engineering is an excellent solution that must be applied now.

As such we have taken the decision to head this challenge to build ECP24 Ltd (see www.ecp24.online). We will push the boundaries to make remote working work and use it to deliver the superior engineering services that our clients need.

Discuss and Explore the possibilities with us:

Blog: blog.ecp24.online/
Sign-up: www.ecp24.online.

ECP24 – Engineering Connected Projects

Help Us Make Engineering Excellent

As published on LinkedIn by Robin Cotino, Operations Manager, ECP24 

They have had 100 years to get it right – Now it’s our turn – How We Are Different – Engineering’s new home.

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We are different!! Our management team brings together many years of experience in building and working in successful engineering businesses. We are seeking to connect with clients who have high quality, small or large packages of work. We do of course understand the difficulties facing industry that are in many cases outside their control and can empathise with the engineers, designers and drafters and their plight. But it is a fact that the old dinosaur thinking and antiquated company structures are holding back the huge restructuring that is required. We are Engineers and proud of our industry, we speak to many people in the industry in their own language on their own terms. We are Engineers!!!

Pre registration assessments and verification. We are limiting membership to those who match our high standards and aims because we want our company to be the best in the industry. Our clients deserve nothing less.

Our vision for this company is clearly stated on our website:

We aim to connect the world’s best engineering professionals with innovative clients seeking to help create a more modern, dynamic, and efficient engineering market. 

We are different!! The old ways are broken and are just not working for the majority of the engineers and companies who are struggling with the realities of low prices etc. Many companies are riddled with out of date standards and operational practices that may as well have been written in the 19th century (many actually were I fear). Productivity is woefully low in many companies. Time wastage is rife and in addition the time taken up with endless and in many cases pointless meetings doesn’t help.

We are different!! That is not the way that we work. We offer a modern, streamlined and on-line service 24 hours a day. We use benchmark communication and productivity enhancing tools.

We are different!! We have people on the ground in the USA, Australia, UK and Europe. Internet businesses where everything is played safe but the real industry wide problems are not solved is not our style. We call a spade a spade and throw it out if it has outgrown it’s usefulness!!

Join us in ECP24 – Engineering’s new home.

Want to know more? www.ecp24.online

Alan White – CEO – ECP24 Ltd. contact: ceo@ecp24.online