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The global engineering industry is struggling to manage many issues that have come along over the years.

  • Low prices for many of the products that the industry produces are of course a huge problem. Prices will recover of course but the industry is also stuck in many ways in a 19th century mindset and cannot see the way forwards, we have the solution to that problem.
  • Massive levels of very low productivity, static or even non-existent management thinking around this one issue alone and the extreme difficulty as well of abandoning last century attitudes and the “nine to five and jobs for life” mentality.
  • The industry tried the offshore office route with it’s promises of cheap labour and low costs. For many reasons that didn’t work either did it?
  • But now there is a new progressive and streamlined way to work and we are the first to offer this revolutionary redesigned engineering management system globally to our valued clients. IT IS CALLED – INVENTING THE FUTURE.
  • We are creating the first fully functioning and expertly managed virtual office. We are located everywhere 24 hours a day. Using the very latest digital tools you can communicate with us at any hour of the day or night.
  • Our engineers, designers and drafters etc. are very carefully selected and fully pre-assessed by us. We know that they are the best because we selected them according to very strict criteria. They are managed on a daily basis by us and they have the ability to be in constant communication with us 24 hours a day.
  • Want to know more? www.ecp24.online

Alan White CEO – ECP24 Ltd. contact: ceo@ecp24.online

Looking For Designers and Drafters!!!

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Yes, for upcoming work we are looking for exceptional people to register on our website:


Our company is exclusively targeting the very highest levels of Engineering Professionals. We are connecting the world’s best engineering professionals with innovative clients seeking to help create a more pro-active, dynamic and modern engineering market. Our focus in everything we do is QUALITY. Join us to be at the forefront of that change: combining engineering excellence with the flexibility and dynamism of the online Gig economy.

We need Engineers, Designers, Drafters etc. with experience of Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Refinery, Power Generation, Nuclear, FPSO, etc. etc. in the following disciplines:


Please recognize that we have very high requirements: Because we are a highly innovative company we only want the best people who can demonstrate the highest quality and professionalism. Our clients ask for and deserve the very best. The online Gig economy is dependant on self driven and motivated people who are self starters who can work reliably and consistently without close supervision. The online Gig economy requires a high level of self discipline.

– Our company ethos and methodology is based on our in-house connected company community where you can communicate with our staff 24 hours a day using the most up to date tools. We will conduct online video interviews/assessments and will approve those who match our very high standards and aims. You must have the ability to read, write and speak fluent English.

Alan White – CEO




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Alan White
Group CEO at ECP24

As of February 22, 2017, we have officially launched our business as well as our fully operational website. Achieving this important milestone in the development of our company has taken a huge effort from our very hard working management and technical teams and my very sincere thanks goes out to all those involved in the effort. We are a UK registered company based in London with management representatives operating in the major time zones around the world. We are truly a 24 hour company.

We are targeting clients as well as experienced engineering professionals who have the qualifications, self drive and ambition to work at the high quality end of the engineering profession. We are exclusively in the business of providing Engineering Services all disciplines and grades). We offer the flexibility and the connections to enable our people to work from anywhere in the world. Very importantly, the owners and managers of the company together bring many years of international engineering experience to the company and know from past experience just what our valued clients demand and expect. Primarily clients expect to receive value for money. If they receive value then they will be satisfied and return with their next assignment.

We have established and positioned our company to be the world leader in web-based collaboration in the provision of engineering services. Our website will develop over the next few months to become the portal for aspirational and ambitious engineering professionals: a place where we can all communicate freely, innovate, collaborate and, together, change the way engineering is delivered for the better. Our blog and video stream will be frequently updated with essential content and news from our management team and thought-leading contributors.

(We are continually looking for more thought-leaders to strengthen our team; if you would like to join us in this capacity then please contact us: https://ecp24.online/contact/).

Why we are different. 

We are the go-to destination for qualified and ambitious engineering professionals – such as engineers, designers, drafters, planners, site workers who are keen to take maximum advantage of the possibilities of web-based technology for the engineering industry. To achieve these high aims, our community will offer continuous feedback and communication for our members to learn and collaborate efficiently and effectively. We aim to use and learn from benchmark web platforms and communities and the Open Source movement just as web developers and software engineers have done to great effect: massively increasing productivity and innovation in their field. 

Advantages for engineering professionals

Engineering professionals who find and execute work assignments through us will be highly valued and will be afforded more freedom and responsibility to deliver better work. To ensure this level of quality, you will be subject to a screening and assessment process that will be applied before you can be accepted onto our community.

As a company, we will be on hand 24 hours a day to smooth the communication relationships between our professionals and our clients. We aren’t just a website; we are curators and value creators.

The world is changing and we aim to change with it. We will offer access to targeted training courses as well as many other initiatives. We stress the importance of our professionals aiming to continually raise their competency levels and to take full advantage of the opportunities of the connected world.

Advantages for Clients

Clients who have the need for highly qualified people can have the confidence that our community is a place where they can find high quality, increased productivity, competence and reliability offering exceptional value.

We will raise the standard of engineering, raise the wellbeing of our teams, lower costs, increase productivity and still ensure high rates for engineering professionals prepared to deliver outstanding quality.

Managing, curating and nurturing the client-contractor experience is one of our main priorities. We will go the extra mile to maintain quality. Generally speaking there should always be some allowance in the price for a thorough check, however it is often said that “the market won’t pay the extra price involved”. But we recommend that our clients should allow for this because we want you to be satisfied every time – and because mistakes cost far more to fix later than paying now for small checks. We aren’t here to cut corners or flood the market with cheap solutions. We are only interested in the high quality engineering sector where qualifications and experience mean something to our clients.

We aim to connect the world’s best engineering professionals with innovative clients seeking to help create a more dynamic and modern engineering market.

Join us to be on the forefront of that change: combining engineering excellence with the flexibility and dynamism of the Gig Economy.

If you are ready to join this aspirational and exciting opportunity then please register on our website- www.ecp24.online

Alan White – CEO (ceo@ecp24.online)